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Cultivating sustainability, resiliancy, and helping others learn the attainable homestead life.

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Cultivating sustainability, embracing self-sufficiency, and helping others learn the attainable homestead life.

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Preserving, Gardening
& Cooking

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Join us on the ranch for a journey of self-sufficiency and preservation. We spend most of the year raising and growing our food so we can preserve it for our family. Follow our blog and YouTube channel to learn the ins and outs of sustainable living. I find this journey so rewarding and love sharing with you how to preserve your own food. 

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Savor the journey from harvest to table with us! At the heart of our ranch, every home-cooked meal is a celebration of what we grow, raise, and preserve. Dive into our blog and YouTube channel for a treasure trove of tasty and easy recipes that showcase the love and dedication we put into every dish. Join me on a mission to craft three homemade meals a day for my family, turning each moment in the kitchen into a labor of love

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Gardening is my passion and a huge part of what we do at the Little Mountain Ranch! I love showing you how gardening can transform your pantry and meals!

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Little Mountain Ranch Family Cookbook

I hope you enjoy the Little Mountain Ranch Cookbook as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together for you. Within these pages, you’ll find 45 recipes with a variety of comforting, time-tested recipes inspired by my family’s traditions, my love for growing food, and the natural beauty of our ranch in British Columbia.

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Hello, I'm Chelsea, and for the past few years, I've been sharing our life on a semi-remote, 160-acre ranch in the heart of British Columbia, Canada, through my YouTube channel. Here on our homestead, I love to garden, raise livestock & preserve the food we grow! While cooking might not be a passion of mine I feel a great deal of fulfillment feeding my family delicious, nourishing food and sharing our simple, old fashioned recipes with you.

I’m sharing our journey in the most authentic, mistakes making, friendly way I can so if you're inspired to grow, preserve or cook your own food I hope you enjoy,


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