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Hi There!

My name is Chelsea and I have been creating and sharing videos over on Youtube for the past few years sharing about life on our semi-remote, 160-acre ranch in the interior of BC, Canada.

We grow a large amount of our own food on our homestead and preserve much of it for winter. Growing food is something I am passionate about and it brings me joy!

We are always up to something on our ranch and we love to share those experiences with you. We raise our own meat, a large amount of our own veggies, dairy, eggs and honey. We love to teach others about gardening, preserving food, raising livestock, and building the infrastructure we use on our ranch.

I strive to teach about what we’re doing here in a down-to-earth, honest way. One that shows the beauty of the area in which we live.

I created this website with the intention of having a space where I could provide more detailed and how-to information. My Membership Community is housed here along with my cookbooks and courses. I’m looking forward to creating a comprehensive library of helpful, informative content for you in the months and years to come.


Chelsea & the Little Mountain Ranch Family!

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